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Ayurvedic Medicine Details

Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is India's essential social insurance framework. Ayurvedic Medicines are Considered to be the world's most seasoned health care system. Named for the Sanskrit word meaning the "science of life" Founded upon conviction that all regions of life affect wellbeing.

Ayurvedic herbal medications are normally safe and all around endured when recommended by a qualified and proficient Ayurvedic professional; in any case, even natural prescriptions can cause symptoms. Some Ayurvedic arrangements may likewise have issues with poisonous quality and collaborations with different medications you may take.

However, similar to some other medical system, Ayurvedic treatments have contraindications and the potential for antagonistic impacts or reactions. This is of specific concern when treatments are utilized inaccurately, are abused or administered improperly, or are prescribed by unqualified practitioners.

Gurugram Naturopathy cure centre contains best ayurvedic doctors who first identify the root cause of the disease and then prescribe ayurvedic treatment accordingly. Treatments varies from different ayurvedic massages to ayurvedic medicines and various therapies.


GNCC provides highly qualified, experienced, veteran doctors available 24 hours on the campus itself to provide personalized programme of treatments, as per individual patient's requirement. All the treatments offered at GNCC are advised by the doctors after careful scrutiny of the patient's requirement and assessment of their health status and medical test reports. The doctors after suggesting and starting treatments continuously track improvements and suggest exercises, diets and other activities to ensure best results.