1.What makes GNCC different from other healing centers and resorts?
Healing Centre means curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal, a resort is place where many people go for rest, stated purpose but in GNCC we are providing treatment/ consultations based on naturopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, diet and physiotherapy.
2.What are the different systems of medicine and complementary therapies available?
Our system of treatment mainly treated the diseases without any medicine and it has no side effect. Our Gurugram Naturopathy Cure Centre (GNCC) is based on Naturopathy treatment. Diet, fasting, yoga, physiotherapy and Ayurveda.
3.What Wellness Packages are available?
These are the wellness packages are available in our GNCC Centre.
1. One Day wellness packages.
2. Full body detoxification package.
3. Weight reducing packages.
4. Pain management packages.
5. Weekend packages.
4.What kind of treatments will I receive?
According to patient's condition, Doctor will give the treatment. Generally it depends on your body to body condition.
5.How different is a Naturopathy massage?
In Naturopathy massage, there are several steps and rules are required for giving the therapeutic massages. Only a simple layman can't give the Naturopathy Massage.
6.Are there any restrictions during a Naturopathy treatment?
1. Two hours gap should be there after having the food.
2. Empty the bladder and motion is required.


1.What is the minimum period of stay?
7 Days.
2.How early do we book?
Prior 2 days.
3.How can payment be made?
Draft/ Cash.


1.Smoking & Alcohol
Not allowed.
2.What kind of food do you serve?
Naturopathy diet only. Other food not allowed.
3.What do I need to bring along?
1 Gown
1 Small towel
1 Big Towel
1 Torch
1 Sandal