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(A Unit Of Jan Chetna And Anusandhan Niketan)

Cure Centre

In the fast paced lifestyle of 21st century, everyone today leads an extremely busy life. With such busy schedules, the youth has lost touch with nature. Getting in touch with nature helps realign bodies and remove any discomfort which may exist Yoga and naturopathy offers treatment for any illness or disease which may possibly exist. GNCC is a cure centre provides this touch to get back to our roots and nature, without actually having to spend time to get away from the city.

Our treatment program incorporates detoxification of body in various angles like physical, mental, mental and otherworldly for which we give different nature cure medications like hydro treatment, mud treatment, massage therapy, herb treatment, yoga, Accupressure, needle therapy and so on. Every one of the medications are given by very much prepared staff under the supervision of experienced naturopaths. The whole treatment treatments and eating regimen design is suggested by very much experienced naturopaths in the wake of considering all the medical problems and the reacting limit of a person.

Organic products, vegetables and normal kitchen herbs in certain frame and amount fill in as pharmaceutical to toss poisons from the body. They are rich in sustenance. These regular components rectify the awkward nature in the digestion of the body which is accomplished totally without drugs.

Diabetes, Arthritis, Backache, Asthma, Obesity, Indigestion, Constipation, Psoriasis, Eczema, Stress, General Detoxification and Lifestyle Management can be treated with Naturopathy.


GNCC provides highly qualified, experienced, veteran doctors available 24 hours on the campus itself to provide personalized programme of treatments, as per individual patient's requirement. All the treatments offered at GNCC are advised by the doctors after careful scrutiny of the patient's requirement and assessment of their health status and medical test reports. The doctors after suggesting and starting treatments continuously track improvements and suggest exercises, diets and other activities to ensure best results.