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Balance body and mind

The intention of consciousness-based yoga practices such as the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is to integrate and balance all the layers of our life so that our body, mind, heart, intellect, and spirit flow in harmony. As we expand our awareness through the practice of yoga, we become more capable of perceiving the richness that life offers.

Increase strength & flexibility

Doing yoga can help keep your muscles long and lean. This is especially beneficial if you practice a sport like football or running where you have to put significant pressure on your joints. Yoga has been shown to help strengthen joints that often can cause pain, such as knees, hips and ankles.

Eliminate toxins from body

Natural cleansing involves flushing built up toxins and waste out of your body, leaving you feeling better than ever before! There are many natural methods you can use to detox and cleanse your system, varying from specific cleansing rituals which quickly clear out your system, to food, drink and lifestyle choices that you can sustain long-term.

Build core strength

Core muscles include all of the muscles of your mid-section, including your front and side abdominal muscles, back muscles, and hip muscles. Strengthening your core is one of the best ways to get fit. It can also help you improve your ability to hike and boost your performance in many other sports. Whether you're building up your strength after an injury or trying to take your athletic performance to the next level, improving your balance and core strength will help keep you limber and strong.

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